Your machines need to talk to one another. This is the hallmark of Industry 4.0 that enables manufacturers in the 21 st century to make more with less. Our products offer the reliable mechanical safety you expect but now also enable the use of sensors to track the state of your process at the clutch. Retrofitting your existing or new torque limiter with gear pulsers made specially for our torque limiting direct couplings allows your process to respond to a malfunction in the same way an anti-lock braking system in a car controls how the brakes are applied.

Creating an operation that can stop itself in the event of an overload provides another layer of safety to your employees, attended and unattended machinery, and product moving through your system. Furthermore, preventing the torque limiter from running dis-engaged for extending periods of time, in the case of unmanned equipment, substantially increases its life and minimizes your downtime. Once your overload has been corrected, the torque limiter will automatically re-engage and continue to drive normally."
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