Model FC, "friction type torque limiter", limit the output of the drive through the friction coefficient of non-asbestos disc applied against the faces of the bearing mounted drive component. The range of transmitted torque is varied by a hexagonal nut applying force to a spring which in turn applies force to the friction discs. During an overload condition, the torque limiter transmits up to the preset value of torque and then allows the output to slip or stop until the overload condition has been corrected. They are built with your specified sprocket, timing belt pulley, v-belt pulley, gear as well as bare for you to supply your own drive component. They are shipped ready to use. Set the torque and install on your drive. When the driven load exceeds the spring and friction pressure on the non-asbestos facings, the clutch will slip and not re-engage until the overload is removed. Available options include: heat treated teeth and shafts for improved wear, needle roller bearings for ultra smooth slip, delrin clutch facings for smooth slip or drags, as well as any OD or LOA modifications necessary for the space available. We will fully customize our product to the needs required for any application.|Protek-Sure Friction Torque Limiter with a 5/16" bore built with a 35 Pitch 22 tooth Sprocket ready to set torque, install, and run.
Unit of Measure

Product Group/Model

N/A Model 1FC

Torque (Max)

N/A 1 spring = 25 ft-lbs 2 springs = 50 ft-lbs

Bore Size A

N/A 5/16 Inch

Design Speed Range

N/A Up to 1800 rpm

Torque (Adjustable Up To)

N/A 1 spring up to 25 ft-lbs 2 springs up to 50 ft-lbs


  • Hard and Soft Metric
  • English to Metric
  • Specific Space Constraints
  • FDA Standards
  • Government/Military Standards
  • Material Requirements
  • Customer Design Requirements

Output Drive

N/A 35A22 sprocket