Our tensioning devices are used extensively where slipping at specific torque tension is required to control the process. From controlling the arbor on material payout of paper rolls, plastic bag material, or yarns for weaving and braiding to controlling over-rotation in high speed bottling applications, these devices can be customized to meet the specific demands of your application.

Through precision machined components mated to provide smooth, accurate torque limit controlled slipping, these units can be used in any application, whether mounted directly to an arbor or as a direct coupling between two shafts to side drives with sprockets or pulleys - we have the solution to meet your needs. They are easily adjusted by hex nuts or threaded housing to vary the spring pressure. They range in torque capacity from ounce inches to 100 foot pounds and are available for input and output shaft or bore sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/2" OD. |Protek-Sure tensioning device designed to mount on a 1" arbor and secure the nylatron arm to the machine via a 1/2 shoulder bolt. By fixing the friction arm in place, the tensioner can be adjusted via the hex nut to create the optimal "drag" on the arbor.
Unit of Measure

Product Group/Model

N/A Model 1TD

Torque (Max)

N/A 25 ft-lbs


N/A 25 ft·lb

Torque (Adjustable Up To)

N/A 1 spring up to 25 ft/lbs 2 springs up to 50 ft/lbs

Bore Size A

N/A 1 Inch

Fixed Arm

N/A with 1/2" bore

Design Speed Range

N/A Up to 1800 rpm




  • Hard and Soft Metric
  • English to Metric
  • Specific Space Constraints
  • FDA Standards
  • Government/Military Standards
  • Material Requirements
  • Customer Design Requirements
  • N/A