The Model SX "Shaft Extension" Torque Limters mount on a motor or gearbox shaft. They may be used with a coupling or with pulleys, sprockets, or gears for a side drive if external bearing support is provided. Longer shaft extensions are available if needed. When a jam or overload occurs, the output shaft will slip or stop. They reset automatically, make an alarm noise, and are adjustable via the threaded housing to increase or decrease the "break-away" torque threshold. They protect expensive machinery and minimize downtime.|Shaft Extension Clutch set to transmit up to 40 inch pounds torque.
Unit of Measure


Product Group/Model

N/A Model SX


N/A 40 in·lb3.33 ft·lb4.52 N·m

Bore Size A

N/A 1/4 Inch5/16 Inch3/8 Inch1/2 Inch5/8 Inch3/4 Inch7/8 Inch1 Inch

Output Shaft Diameter

N/A 1 Inch1/2 Inch1/4 Inch1-1/2 Inch1-1/4 Inch1-1/8 Inch1-3/4 Inch3/4 Inch3/8 Inch5/16 Inch5/8 Inch7/8 Inch

Design Speed Range

N/A Up to 1800 rpm


  • Hard and Soft Metric
  • English to Metric
  • Specific Space Constraints
  • FDA Standards
  • Government/Military Standards
  • Material Requirements
  • Customer Design Requirements